Since 2015, it sells directly from the production of a high-voltage equipment manufacturing plant. The substation has its own production of Complete Transformer Substations KTPN, 2KTPN, KTPM, KTPS with a capacity of 16-2500 kVA and other electrical equipment.

Soletone OU offers the following services:

  • Supply of substations for package transformer substations, 2KTP, mast substations, pole substations, insulated substations (sandwich), reclosers, YAKNO, CSR, SHCHO, ASP.
  • Full cycle of electrical equipment supply
    Supply of power oil and dry transformers TM, TMG, TMZ, TMF, TMN, TMZ both new and after revision.
  • Supply of other components to the substations and for their installation.
  • Sale of ready-made electrical equipment from stock and on order.

Such a full range of works gives our customers a real opportunity to reduce costs (both financial and temporary) for the project as a whole.

We constantly improve the technological process and look for non-standard solutions that allow us to take into account the changing market conditions. New standard designs of transformer substations of KTP are being developed, the range and range of capacities of the supplied equipment are being expanded. Taking into account the needs of the market, the plant produces complete transformer substations with a capacity of 16-2500 kVA, with a voltage of 6 kV or 10 kV, with a voltage of 0.4 kV, 0.23 kV, 0.69 kV.

All products are certified and comply with GOST and TU. The goods pass strict quality control.

Our Mission

Our goal is long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation. A distinctive feature of the products is the optimal price / quality ratio. This was appreciated by our partners, thanks to which we achieved today’s success and hope to develop it in the future.

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